AutoApps is a central hub for all the Tasker plugins that help you automate your life.
Here you’ll find a great collection of apps that will make your life easier than ever before!

You can choose to subscribe to AutoApps, which is currently in Beta. AutoApps provides access to all 20+ Auto-plugins for $1.35/mo as well as exclusive access to Alpha apps not yet ready for primetime, like AutoXBMC and AutoYouTube. These apps are typically available for between $.99 and $3.99, and as you start to expand your Tasker automation, you’ll certainly be coming across more of them. Each AutoApp plugin provides extended access to APIs offered by Android and various software platforms, directly in to Tasker. There is a growing Google+ community of thousands of members that provide support and how-to guides to help you when you need it.

Subscribing to AutoApps is entirely optional, each Auto-plugin is still available for purchase with a free trial in Google Play. As well as being an affordable way to try out multiple Auto-plugins at once, subscription to AutoApps is another way to say thank you and support further development.

Automate Your Life!

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For some time now AutoApps isn’t just a description for Tasker Plugins by  +João Dias, it’s a central hub app for all of them. Like described above an easy subscription gets you access to all plugins. You can still buy the final versions from the Play Store, but access to the not yet released betas and alphas is just through the subscription.

AutoApps Beta

To get the Beta just follow this:

  1. Join this  Google+ Community.
  2. Test the app.
  3. Download the app.

AutoApps Alpha (nur mit Abo)

  1. Join this Google+ Community.
  2. Download alphas from the App.

AutoApps Tutorials

You can find Tutorials und Video Tutorials on the sub and plugin sites:

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