avatar I was interested in tech stuff from my early years and learned to customize my devices quite soon. I saw that little tweaks or custom software made my gear way faster and added new features. During my studies of Industrial Engineering and Management I was confronted with problems concerning the adaption of solutions designed by specialists for the common user. When technical affine people develop solutions that fit their needs, they are willing to invest a lot of time into setup and maintenance. The common user is different. First I wanted to simple post information about my local cable provider MDCC. That's why I started in German and the MDCC information will stay that way. With this MDCC tables it's really easy for a common user to find specific channels. MDCC itself does not provide this information. Then I thought I can also promote UCCW and Tasker, which made my Android phone much better. UCCW was superseded by Zooper Widget, which then was followed by KLWP.