Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget is a minimal, classy, extremely customizable and battery friendly “do it yourself” Widget with all the data you need, at once! ZW has been designed from the ground up to use less resources as possible and allow you to tune every single aspect of it through a WYSIWYG editor and powerful variables control. (via http://www.zooper.org/wp/android/zw )

This is the description in the Play Store. With this App your can built your own widgets, mostly called Skins or Themes. First places to visit is www.zooper.org  and zooper.themerapp.com, here I will present Tutorials, Skins und Weather Icon Sets.

Zooper Widget Basics

Zooper Widget Tutorials

Zooper Widget Screens and Themes

Zooper Widget Iconsets


  1. How do I change the color of #BLEV# from red when less than 100% to green when fully charged? Or when #BSTAT# is discharging=red and when #BSTAT# is charging or charged= green?

  2. You may use the [c][/c] command with battery level conditions. For example, [c]$#BLEVN#>50?ffff00$[/c]. But you have to set the default color as red.

  3. Is it possible to have a 14 day countdown that resets itself after it finishes? If so, I would love help

  4. First of all thanks for the zooper widget pro section that have helped me a lot but wanna ask you if it’s possible to add a page with the advanced parameters also.
    Thanks in advance!

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