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This little guide shows how to create KLWP Weather Komponents either in Kustom directly or on your PC, which is way easier. This is based on Frank's post on xda.

Flatt Weather

If you want to create weather icons like this beautiful Flatt Weather set by +Jeppe for Kustom the process is a little bit different than in Zooper.

KLWP Weather Komponents

Frank provides a sample that consists of:

  • a bitmaps folder with the weather "icons"
  • komponent.json with all the details and magic
  • komponent_thumb.jpg your preview pic

After downloading you can either edit this sample on your PC or Android.


Unzip the file and change the PNGs in the bitmap folder.

Bitmap Folder

Also don't forget to change the details (self-explanatory) in your komponent.json

"preset_info": {
"title": "WeatherIconImage",
"description": "Basic image based Weather Icon Komponent. Day can be changed by using the Icon global.",
"author": "Kustom Industries",
"email": ""

Rezip the files under your name "" and put it in your Kustom/Komponents folder. Now you can add your pack by going to "+" in your preset and picking Komponent -> SD Card.

Kustom Device

Save the sample in your Kustom/Komponents folder and add it to your preset. Go inside the Komponent and the "Bitmap Group" with the Advanced Editor and edit every single pic. Export with your details.

Advanced Editing

If you don't want to change your Bitmap names you can also edit the .json

"internal_type": "BitmapModule",
"internal_title": "Clear Day",
"internal_toggles": {
"bitmap_alpha": 10
"internal_formulas": {
"bitmap_alpha": "$if(gv(icon)=clear & (ai(isday)=1 | gv(nightico)=0), 100, 0)$"
"bitmap_bitmap": "kfile://org.kustom.provider/bitmaps/clear-day.png"

/bitmaps/clear-day.png is your Bitmap name. Don't forget to do this for every pic in your komponent.

Zooper Iconset Transfer

To use your Zooper packs you'll need to adjust the pic names.

Zooper Bitmaps

Zooper -> KLWP
weather-clear -> clear-day
weather-clear-night -> clear-night

This is how to easily create KLWP Weather Komponents


  1. Leider kann keine einzige der png-Dateien geöffnet werden… Weder mit Photoshop CS6 noch mit Fireworks CS oder sonst einem Programm. So nützt das leider gar nichts.

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