UCCW and Zooper counter in one Tasker ProfileUCCW and Zooper counter in one Tasker Profile

Tasker meets Zooper

This shows how to combine the UCCW and Zooper Tasker setups into the least amount of Profiles and Tasks in Tasker or how to add Zooper to the your UCCW setup.

I'm assuming that you have already set up Tasker counters for UCCW and now you want to add Zooper to them.

Simply open your "new message" Tasks and add a third action (Add -> Plugin -> Zooper) that transfers the variable to Zooper, too. If you are not sure how, look at the Zooper guide. Do the same for your "empty" Tasks. Now they should look like these:

tasker_uccw_zooper_1 tasker_uccw_zooper_2

That's it. You don't need to change your Profiles. I've set up this Tasks for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Google+ as you can see here:

tasker_uccw_zooper_3 tasker_uccw_zooper_4

tasker_uccw_zooper_5 tasker_uccw_zooper_6


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