Zooper Media Volume ButtonsZooper Media Volume Buttons

Tasker meets Zooper

After the Zooper Alarm Volume Buttons the next guide is for Zooper Media Volume Buttons. It's quite easy to do that after the last guide.

Zooper Media Volume Buttons

Knowing the Alarm Volume Buttons the setup should be really easy for you.

Tasker Setup

For the Buttons you will need 2 Tasks.

Create a new Task. I called the first “VOLMup” and press “+” to add an Action. Then choose “Audio”, “Media Volume” and you end up in the screen for Media Volume level. Here you can just enter a volume level so you have to hit the shuffle button to get the variable field.

Now put in “%VOLM+1″ because “%VOLM” is the Media Volume Variable and you want to add 1 here. Confirm with the back button.

When you are finished with the “VOLMup” Task you will have to do the same stuff with a “VOLMdown” Task. Just make the same setup with “%VOLM-1″. You see both Tasks below. That’s all what you have to do in Tasker for your Zooper Media Volume Buttons.

Media Volume up Task Media Volume down Task

Alarm Volume State or Icon

If you want to transfer the Mediam Volume State to Zooper and show an Icon for that follow this. I made 2 screens in the Alarm Volume guide to illustrate this. Just change everything to "%VOLM".

Variable Transfer Transfer Profile

Zooper Setup

Please check the Bluetooth Toggle for the Zooper Setup, because it is basically the same. You have to add an item to your Zooper Template and assign the OnTap Action. As you have 2 Task, I suggest to add 2 items. You can put the state in the middle as a number or icon. Again, there is an example in the Alarm Volume guide.

This is it. Now your Media Volume is changeable in Zooper Widgets and you can show the state.

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  1. hello! Help me understand! I try to create the media volume buttons by following your steps .. “VOLMup” and press “+” to add an Action. Then choose “Audio”, “Media Volume” and you end up in the screen for Media Volume level.A this point does not make me edit and does not even appear to be able to edit the icon … what is wrong or what I have not done before ?

  2. I have the same problem nicola patruno.
    Which version of tasker you used for the tutorial?
    Perhaps it could be the problem.
    The tutorial does not seem difficult I have already ‘created several buttons for wifi, data etc ..
    Thank You

  3. Per abilitare il tasto variabile è necessario togliere la spunta su modalita’ principiante dalle preferenze in tasker cosi’ da far apparire il tasto shuffle!!!

    • Sorry!To enable the key variable is necessary to remove the tick on mode ‘beginner preferences in tasker so’ to bring up the shuffle button !!!

  4. Thank you for the reply. I did as you suggested and it showed up. I was able to follow the tutorial and add both a volume up and volume down “button.” I had to select the volume button in the task for it to work.
    I am having an issue displaying the volume state. I added all the info you listed but I do not get a value.

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