Homescreen One Galaxy S5Homescreen One Galaxy S5

Homescreen One Galaxy S5

After a long time with my old homescreen I decided that my new Phone deserves a new screen. I took the new Galaxy S5 Wallpaper as basis and made my One Galaxy S5 adjustments.

Homescreen One Galaxy S5

This time there is no special lockscreen because I stopped using WigdetLocker and switched to the stock lockscreen with GravityBox (KK) modifications.

As you can see I still like the Sense 5 clock and weather widget which i rebuilt with Zooper.

I really like the Flatastico Icons by +Samer Zayer and i think they fit here very well.

You can get my modified wallpaper here.

Before this screen I made an other version:

One High

If you like this wallpaper more, here you go.

In this I use the Tendere Icons by Ryan Kelly.

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