Mein Homescreen: One BlueMy Homescreen: One Blue

After a long time with my old Homescreen I wanted something new. I took a HTC Sense 5 Wallpaper as basis and made this:

One Blue

You can see my  Lockscreen on the left side, it's made with Widgetlocker. The slider is elu_miui and I think I got it from this post by heavencanwait on XDA. I'm not sure and it is not downloadable anymore. I reuploaded it here, but all credit goes to the designer! The clock is a  UCCW Widget und available here.

On the right side you can you can see my Homescreen with the same UCCW Widget and the great Tendere Icons by Ryan Kelly. The wallpaper is a redyed HTC Sense 5 Wallpaper and available here.

The Launcher is Apex with 10*5 grid size.


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