KLWP Double Tap with Tasker

Tasker meets KLWP

Today +Frank Monza announced that he had to remove double tap to have single tap work properly. Here is a way to read KLWP Double Tap feature with Tasker.


#KLWP  2.03b506910 (RC1)
- Removed double tap (sorry, i had no other options to make single tap work correctly)

This is the newest Kustom change log. Seems like the problem is within the launcher you use and so the dev can't do anything right now. Till a solution you can use this Tasker Task as a workaround.

Tasker Setup

This is based on my Zooper multi-mode Icons with Tasker tutorial, so you can follow the Tasker Setup steps there. Here you can find the finished Task with Facebook as the single tap action and G+ as the double tap action.

KWLP Double Tap KWLP Double Tap

For sure you can change both launched apps by changing point 5 and 7.


Kustom Setup

Now you have to implement your Task in Kustom. To do so simply go to touch section of your item and click on "none" and pick "Launch Shortcut".

KLWP Touch KLWP Singel Touch

Now press "Shortcut" and pick "Task Shortcut".

KLWP ShortcutKLWP Task

In the Task Selection pick your created Task and in the next screen confirm with the back button.

KLWP Pick Task KLWP Confirm

And this is how your Kustom Touch action should look like.

KLWP Finished Tap

This is it. Now you can use double tap again. 


If you want to do this with a lot of Apps it is easier to clone the Tasks.

Don't forget to visit the KWLP page with more tutorials, komponents and walls.

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