Notification counts from any app in Kustom with Tasker

Tasker meets KLWP

This Kustom Tasker guide shows you how to easily display notification counts from any app in Kustom with Tasker Variables. I made similar guides for Zooper and UCCW before, but KLWP seems to be a way more powerful app and offers a great Tasker integration.



Kustom is not able to show missed notification counts.

If you want to display a count for other notifications you will have to use Tasker:

“Tasker is an application for Android which performs Tasks (sets of Actions) based on Contexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined Profiles, or in clickable or timer home screen widgets.” (

If are more interested in Tasker, maybe some guides are a good start:
1. Tasker Tour
2. Beginner Guide by

I will use Whatsapp notifications as an example here.


This will basically be the same stuff as in Show counter for notifications in Zooper with Tasker variables. If you already have set up Profiles and Tasks for Zooper it will be easier to add Kustom to your setup like in:  UCCW and Zooper counter in one Tasker Profile.

Tasker Setup

In Tasker I first created a new Project and named it "Kustom". You don't need to do this, because it's simply for a better organization inside Tasker of you have to many Profiles and Tasks (no pictures here, just long press on the project bar and then click "add").

To start you have to create a Task that tells Tasker what to do when Whatsapp receives new messages. To do so go to TASKS, press the "+" and name your task. I called it “newWapp”, but the name is completely up to you. Then press the check mark.

Kustom Tasker New Task

Kustom Tasker Name Task


This Task has two things to do. First there has to be a Variable that counts notifications and this Variable has to be transmitted to Kustom.

Your are now in the Task Edit screen and the next step is to add the first Action to the Task. Therefore, press “+” at the bottom and choose “Variables”.

Kustom Tasker Add ActionKustom Tasker Action Category


Now press “Variable Add” and name your variable.

Tasker Kustom Variable Add Tasker Kustom Variable Add


Use capital letters because it is a global variable. I named my Variable "%WACOUNT", again this is a free choice. Value is “+1″ because every time a new notification is received one is added to the value . Confirm with the back button.

You are back to the Task edit screen, now you have to add the second Action. Press “+” at the bottom and choose “Plugin”. 

Tasker Kustom Name VariableTasker Kustom Action Category Plugin

Choose “Kustom LWP” and then “Edit”.

Tasker Kustom Kustom Plugin Tasker Kustom Configuration Edit

Now enter your Variable from the counting action in the Tasker Variable field and name your Kustom Variable (this will be the name inside Kustom). Press the check mark and confirm with the back button on the next screen.

Tasker Kustom Variable Tasker Kustom Edit

Your Task should look like mine in the next picture. Confirm with the back button.

Now you need to create a Task that tells Tasker to reset the variable to 0 when Whatsapp is opened. Otherwise the variable/count would always increase. I named it “EmptyWA”.

Tasker Kustom Counting Task Tasker Kustom Name New Task

Now in the Task Edit screen, press “+” at the bottom and choose “Variables”.

Tasker Kustom Add Action Tasker Kustom Variable Category

Press “Variable Set” and then press the Variable Picker.

Tasker Kustom Variable Set Tasker Kustom Variable Pick

Now pick your counter Variable and set the value to "0". Then confirm with the back button.

Tasker Kustom Variable Tasker Kustom Set 0

You are back to the Task edit screen, press “+” at the bottom to add the transfer action, choose “Plugin” and “Kustom LWP”.

Tasker Kustom Plugin Tasker Kustom Kustom LWP

Now press Cofiguration edit and then put in your variables as before.

Tasker Kustom Edit Tasker Kustom Variables

Confirm with the back button and you can see your finished Task. Again confirm with the back button.

Tasker Kustom KLWP Configuration Tasker Kustom EmptyWA Task

Now Tasker knows what to do, but not when. You need to create 2 profiles! “Missed Whatsapp” should be triggered when a Whatsapp message is received and “Empty Whatsapp” when Whatsapp is opened. Go to PROFILES and press “+”.

Tasker Kustom Profiles Tasker Kustom Profle Add

Choose “Event” in the menu and then "UI".

Tasker Kustom Event Tasker Kustom UI

Then press "Notification" and in the next screen go to the Owner Application picker.

Tasker Kustom Notification Tasker Kustom Owner Application

Choose Whatsapp and confirm with the back button.

Tasker Kustom Whatsapp Tasker Kustom Confirm

Assign “NewWA” as the task. For a better look you can rename the Profile to "Missed Whatsapp", to do so long press on the Profile and then "A".

Tasker Kustom assign Task Tasker Kustom rename Profile

Afterwards your profile looks like this and now you can create the second Profile. Press "+" and "Application" as the trigger.

Tasker Kustom Profile Tasker Kustom Profile Trigger

Select Whatsapp, confirm with the back button and then assign "EmptyWA" as the Task.

Tasker Kustom Application Tasker Kustom assign Task

 Again, you can rename your Profile.

Tasker Kustom rename Profile Tasker Kustom Rename Profile

Your Profiles should look like this and you are done with the Tasker setup.

Tasker Kustom finished Profiles

Ready-to-use Tasker Project

If you don't want to do this yourself you can import my ready-to-use Project.



Kustom Setup

Now you have to implement your new counter in Kustom. To do so simply add a Text item.

Kustom Items Kustom Text Item

Press on "Text" to open details. In the details press on the text to open the edit screen.

Kustom Text EditKustom Text

Here you have to change the function to "$br(tasker,whatsapp)$" and confirm with the check mark.

Kustom Funktions Kustom Tasker Function

Note: If Kustom doesn’t show anything at the beginning, the variable is not declared and not transfered to Kustom because there was no new notification yet. Simply go to your “NewWA” Task and press Play!

Kustom Notification Count

Now your Kustom Tasker setup is finished and you can customize your counter. Whatsapp was just an example, this Kustom Tasker guide works with every app that has notifications. Try it with Facebook Messenger and Google+.

Limitation: With this Kustom Tasker setup Tasker only knows that a notification is displayed, but not the content of it! For example, if 2 emails arrive at the same moment, just “1“ is added to the count!

Clone Tasks and Profiles

If you want to do this with a lot of Apps it is easier to clone the Profiles and Tasks and adjust the settings. Don't forget to change the Variable everywhere!

Tasker Kustom Task Clone Tasker Kustom Profile Clone

Don't forget to visit the KWLP page with more tutorials, komponents and walls.


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  3. The set up is simple but I cannot get it to work. I’ll get 1 email counted from Inbox but a 2nd, 3rd and so on does not register. Can’t get text messages from Textra to register nor YouTube notification. Values don’t get updated at all.

  4. Sorry, I’ve got only one native Language – darum ab jetzt auf deutsch:

    Ich bin genau nach dieser Anleitung vorgegangen. Das Kuriose ist, dass es auf dem Galaxy S7 mit der Stock-Firmware einwandfrei funktioniert, dort wird jede einzelne neu WhatApp-Nachricht brav gezählt.

    Geklont bzw. exportiert auf mein Galaxy S4 mit CM 13 funktioniert es nicht, zählt noch nicht einmal bis 1…

  5. Wanna download your tasker project, but after liking on Facebook when i go to the link it shows nothing there, what to do now? Where i can download it?? 😔

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