Kustom Indigo Material Card

Kustom Indigo Material Card

The next Wall for Kustom that I want to present to you is Kustom Indigo Material Card by +Fabio Folgaria on Google+.

Kustom Indigo Material Card

A packed wall with nice animations.

Kustom Indigo Material Card

Third skin for Klwp: IndigoMaterialCard

APP: Klwp, Nova, 3 screens

Check video for animations!!

(If you want to create your "manga avatar" look this sitehttp://www.faceyourmanga.com)

Thanks to:
+Nicola Patruno​​​ for the big help with music progress bar
+Carla Jacobs​​​ for map komponent
+Victor Burgoa​​​ for weather icons
+Slawek Wierzbowski​​​ for weather idea (today-now-tomorrow)
+Alex Pasquarella​​​ for beautiful day/night wallpapers
+Alex T.​ for week bar
And of course +Frank Monza​​​ for Klwp 🙂

More information on Kustom is available here

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