Kustom Material Music Komponent

Kustom Material Music Komponent

The first Music Komponent for Kustom that I want to present to you is the Kustom Material Music Komponent by +Sebastian Spindler (kwerdenker)on Google+.

Kustom Material Music Komponent

As always kwerdenker delivers a very nice design.

More information on Kustom is available here.

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  1. Hi. I’m playing around with the album art function and I’m trying to work out a way to get the formula “$ni(mi(package), bicon
    )$” to linger so I can have two pictures of album art cascaded so it will show the current playing album art and the previously played one.

    I’m thinking of getting these “kuri”links which is generated by “$ni(mi(package), bicon
    )$” to end up in a list or something similar to then fetch the previously played ones from that list.

    Any help would me greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards.

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