Zooper BBM like unread notification for all appsZooper BBM like unread notification for all apps

Tasker meets Zooper

It has been a long time since my last post. I was quite busy and couldn't motivate myself to write something new. But one of +MarcusBlau new screens and the fact that many people switch from Whatsapp to more secure solutions made me think of the unread notification of BBM and how it would be great to recreate it in Zooper Widget.

Zooper BBM like unread notification for all apps

The basics for this is my tutorial on how to show notification counts in Zooper with Tasker.

If you already have set up your notification counters you simply go the Zooper part of this guide.


Here are some screens to refresh your memory on how to do the Tasker part. For this guide I am using BBM.

BBM Task BBM Task

BBM Profile BBM Profile

Zooper Widget

Create your Zooper Template and add a Bitmap item to your skin.

This item will be your app icon, so I downloaded the BBM Icon from the Play Store and added it to my Zooper folder. For that Bitmap I assigned the OnTap action to open BBM as you can see in the left screen.

Now add a second Bitmap item, assign  a blank Bitmap (because nothing should be shown when there is no notification) and use this advanced Parameters:


You can download the unread.png here.

Zooper Icon Zooper Unread Icon

Your Zooper Template looks like this now.

Zooper Skin

And this is how the Zooper BBM like unread notification looks like on my Test Screen.

BBM BBM unread

For sure you can adjust the size and place of your unread notification.

This is it. Now your Zooper BBM like unread notification for all apps is finished and ready to use.


It seems that some times the Task are not that fast in changing the Variable. This can help:

Long press on your profile and go to Properties. Increase the Priority. Basic Level is 5. You have to experiment here!

You can also uncheck the show in notification pulldown box.

Profile Preferences

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