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I noticed that in communities and G+ people are often asking about ways to do Zooper Countdowns, because the syntax isn't that easy. I'll show here how to display the remaining time to future event dynamically.

Zooper Countdowns

You can add a Countdown to every widget. Simply add a text item and edit the text manually.

Simple Code

For this example I chose the first match of the Fifa World Cup in Brazil (German time).

#D201406122200Rd' days 'Rhh' h 'Rmm'm'#



  • D meas that the next numbers are a date (more examples below)
  • 201406122200 is the Countdown target with the following format YYYYMMDDHHMM (year, month, hour, minute)
  • R is the remaining time (Rd remaining days, Rhh remaining hours, Rmm remaining minutes)
  • ' days ' is the text between the variables

This Zooper Countdown looks like this:

Zooper Coutdown

Advanced Code

$ #D201606102100Rd#=1? #D201606102100Rd# day,$ $#D201606102100Rd#>1? #D201606102100Rd# days,$$#D201606102100Rh#=1? #D201606102100Rh# hour: #D201606102100Rh# hours$ and $#D201606102100Rm#=1? #D201606102100Rm# minute, : #D201606102100Rm# minutes$

(via) thanks to zephyr1100

Here, the code reacts to the remaining time. "days" changes with one remaining day to "day" and vanishes if less than one day remains. The rest is the same.

Zooper Countdowns


  • Easy Countdowns to any event (World Cup, Press Conferences, birthdays, etc.)
  • Like explained in the link you can change D to other variables, for example SAD, being the next system alarm.


Both my Zooper Widgets use the advanced code:

Zooper World Cup Coutdowns

Zooper Euro Countdowns

For general Zooper Widget posts check here.

You can find more Zooper Widget Tutorials here.


  1. Hi could you help me with the codes to make the widget display the exact opposite of what you’ve coded now??
    I’ve a specific date and time of a past event and I wish to make a widget that may show the exact no of days hours and mins that has passed since then to the present, like a running clock. Could you please help me?

  2. Hello – I’m trying to set up a countdown with days only. I don’t even need it to round up/down. Here’s my code, and results. I’m going to add the “Days” text in a rectangle below.

    #D201805260600Rd# day,$
    #D201805260600Rd# $

    9 $

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