Zooper World Cup 14 CountdownsZooper World Cup 14 Countdowns

Zooper Countdowns

The Zooper World Cup 14 Countdowns is my first widget set for the Play Store. There is a general countdown widget and widgets for each team.

Zooper World Cup 14 Countdowns

Download: Play Store Link

The app icon and all country flags are made by Freepik.com

Special Thanks go to  kwerdenker (+Sebastian Spindler) who helped me with the APK and the Play Store.

At the moment there are 33 Widgets and I will add some more (Knockout stage) in the future.

If you live in a different time zone you will have to adjust the text of the Countdown item:

#D201406122200Rd' days 'Rhh' h 'Rmm'm'#

06122200 stands for the 12th of june and 10 pm. Adjust the date and time to your needs.

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