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A searchable table with all Zooper Math Expressions that you can use in Zooper Widget.

Zooper Math Expressions

Some usage examples from the Zooper Website:

  • $(3*2)$ will write 6
  • $(1>0)?(3*2)$ will write 6 is 1 > 0
  • $(3*2 > 4)?Yes!:No$ will write Yes if “3*2″ is greater than 4 (so yes, it will write yes!)
  • $(int(#Dm#/10) = 3 || int(#Dm#/10) = 5)? It's thirty something or fifty something$ will write “It’s thirty something or fifty something” when minute is between 30 and 39 OR 50 and 59 (so #Dm# is current minute, we divide by 10 and then we take the integer part, so, for example if #Dm# is 39 -> 39/10 = 3.9 -> int(3.9) -> 3 and 3 = 3)

[sam id=3 codes='false']

ConstantseBase of natural algorithms (2.71828)
ConstantspiRatio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (3.14159265359)
Constantsxocurrent module X Offset as set in the preferences
Constantsyocurrent module Y Offset as set in the preferences
Operators-Unary minus
Functionsabsabsolute value
Functionsacosarc cosine
Functionsasinarc sine
Functionsatanarc tangent
Functionsaverageaverage of arguments
Functionsceilnearest upper integer
Functionscoshhyperbolic cosine
Functionsfloornearest lower integer
Functionslnnatural logarithm (base e)
Functionslogbase 10 logarithm
Functionsmaxmaximum of arguments
Functionsminminimum of arguments
Functionsroundnearest integer
Functionsintsame as round
Functionssinhhyperbolic sine
Functionssumsum of arguments
Functionstanhhyperbolic tangent
Functionsrandompseudo-random number (between 0 and 1)

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