Zooper RichText BBCode TagsZooper RichText BBCode Tags

Zooper Widget

Zooper allows you to use RichText items. Here is a searchable table with all Zooper RichText BBCode Tags.

Zooper RichText BBCode Tags

[sam id=3 codes='false']

[nt][/nt]Numbers To Text (Classic)
[nm][/nm]Minutes To Text (With "o'clock")
[no][/no]Short ordinals To Text (1st, 2nd...)
[tl][/tl]Text To Lower Case
[tu][/tu]Text To Upper Case
[tc][/tc]Capitalize Text
[tr=30][/tr]Crop text to length (adds "...")
[tr=5,10][/tr]Crop text from 5th char per 10 chars
[s=10][/s]Font Size (Absolute)
[sr=0.8][/sr]Font Size (Relative)

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