Zooper Meteo IconsetZooper Meteo Iconset


The next Iconset I want to present is the Zooper Meteo Iconset by alanuk from the xda community.

Zooper Meteo Iconset

The Iconset is a port.

You can download this Iconset directly from xda.

More information on Zooper is available here.

You can find more Iconsets here.


  1. Thanks for the amazing work. I was wondering if you could answer a little question. I downloaded the Meteo iconset for Zooper (beautiful icons) but I have noticed Zooper always displays daytime icons,even at night, when using them. Built-in icons display proper daytime. Is this a known issue?
    Once again thank you.

    • Hello,

      this is not my work, I’m just presenting others work on my blog. Alanuk created this.

      This pack doesn’t contain nightime Icons, sorry. Maybe you can ask the creator for an update.



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