Zooper Sense 5 ClockZooper Sense 5 Clock

Sense 5 Clock

After using this Widget all the time I managed to make some colored editions and release it to the public. You can download the Zooper Sense 5 Clock in 7 different colors here.

Zooper Sense 5 Clock

Before this one I used the same Widget made with UCCW. The original is the HTC Sense 5 Widget. I think it's a little bit modified and I really like the style.

The Template is optimized for a 5x3 size. I would perfectly fit into 5x2 too, but i like the proportion in 5x3 better.

If you want to have them in 5x2 just add this size to your homescreen, load the template and adjust the x and y offset (Time 10/0; Bitmap 120/-5; RichText 38/20; Datum 15/45).

I normaly use the basic white version:

Sense 5 White Trans

For the new versions of the Zooper Sense 5 Clock I decided to work with the Android Color Palette:

More information on Zooper is available here.

You can find more Skins here.


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