ZW Utilities for ZooperZW Utilities for Zooper

ZW Utilities

ZW Utilities for Zooper by +Sebastian Spindler improves Zooper with its new possibilities . Among other things it is possible to change the colors of your Widget in a second.

ZW Utilities for Zooper

+Marco Agas explains the app perfectly in his video:

In general ZW Utilities offers a comfortable way to manage and change the colors of your widgets. In your widget you simply use a in ZW Utilities defined variable for the color and you can change it anytime according to your whishes.

The advantage for widget designers is that they create only one version of their widget and leave the color changing to the user who can match every color of his design easily.

Another function are the additional variables to use in Zooper:

#TZWU_BLUETOOTH_STATE# (0-off. 1-on, 2-connected)

#TZWU_RINGER_STATE# (0-silent. 1-vibration, 2-normal)

#TZWU_AIRPLANE_STATE# (0-off, 1-on)

The developer offers fast support in his ZW Utilities community.

He has also promised that the app will be improved constantly and will receive new features soon!

You can download the app from the Play Store.

More information on Zooper is available here.

You can find Skins here.

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