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Tasker Autoremote

This guide shows how to install the AutoRemote Chrome Extension and configure it for use with your Android device.

Getting started with AutoRemote consists of several articles:

  1. Getting started with AutoRemote for Tasker on Android
  2. AutoRemote Chrome Extension Configuration
  3. AutoRemote EventGhost Plugin Configuration

AutoRemote Chrome Extension Configuration

After installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store you can access the settings by right clicking on the AutoRemote Icon on the right top side.

I recommend the following settings.

Chrome AutoRemote Setting

Below you will find the box to add your device. You can add your configured Android device from the first part of this tutorial series by its device URL.

Chrome AutoRemote add device

After this you can register your Chrome browser on your Android by clicking on  "Register Chrome on Devices".

This was your AutoRemote Chrome Extension Configuration.

The third part of this series deals with the AutoRemote EventGhost Configuration. You don't have to do that right now, because you can already do a lot of stuff with Chrome Plugin. I recommend to first stick to the Chrome Plugin before getting to know the EventGhost Plugin.

I will post tutorials on how to use Chrome and AutoRemote here.

For this usage you will need the command boxes. Details are in the tutorials.

Chrome AutoRemote Commands

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