Ingress: Bulk Recycling – Recycle several items automaticallyIngress: Bulk Recycling – Recycle several items automatically


The first part of my guide established the groundwork to benefit from automation. My second idea to use this is to make Ingress auto recycle several items if I have too many items or simply need XM.

To accomplish this I made this Task to recycle 10 items.

tasker_ingress_autodrop_1 tasker_ingress_autodrop_2


  1. Task -> Wait -> 5 seconds
    this gives you some time to switch to Ingress
  2. Script -> Run Shell -> input tap x y (root)
    Presses "OPS", because Ingress always switches to the map if you put it in background
  3. Task -> Wait -> 1 seconds
    to be sure that Ingress has time to react
  4. Script -> Run Shell -> input tap x y (root)
    taps on the item
  5. Task -> Wait -> 1 seconds
  6. Script -> Run Shell -> input tap x y (root)
    recycles the item
  7. Variables -> Variables Add -> name: %count value:1
    Tasker way to remember things are Variables, %count is our counter
  8. Task -> Wait -> 1 seconds
  9. Task -> Goto -> Action Number 4 if %count >10
    this action checks whether %count has reached 10, if no it moves to action 4, else it does nothing. With this a loop is created till 10 items are recycled.
  10. Script -> Run Shell -> input tap x y (root)
    tap on "-" to go back to the Ingress map

If you followed the last two articles there should be nothing new here.

Now you have your setup to recycle ten items automatically. If you want to do the same for more items you can simply clone the Task like described in my last article about auto dropping items. I made Rec10, Rec20 and Rec50 for myself.

Now you know how to auto drop and auto recycle items. The next thing is to make this Tasks easy accessible from Ingress without closing the App.

The next part of this guide is: Ingress Automation Sidebar for easy access


  1. Any idea why it takes my phone so long to run the input command? it has like a 3 or 4 second delay inbetween clicks even without me putting the “Wait” task in

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