Show cell signal strength in UCCW with TaskerShow cell signal strength in UCCW with Tasker

Yesterday I posted this guide to show how to display cell signal strength in UCCW with Tasker. Today I set up an Autoremote profile and found out that the last tutorial is totally overdone. I will show a real easy way to accomplish the same!

Tasker Setup

This will just need one profile!

You will have to use the built-in Variable %CELLSIG which is dynamic and the Tasker userguide says:

The current phone signal level from 0-8 inclusive on a rougly linear scale. On some CDMA phones, the level will rise in steps of 2 (0,2,4,6,8). The value is -1 if the value is unknown or there is e.g. no service. There is a bug with some Android versions that the reported signal strength is not updated until the device is turned off and on.

Create a profile and press "Event", then choose "Variables".

uccw_singal_strength_1 uccw_singal_strength_2

Press "Variable Set", and select "Cell Signal Strength" from the top right menu.

uccw_singal_strength_3 uccw_singal_strength_4

Don't put in a value! Just go back and now press "New Task".

uccw_singal_strength_5 uccw_singal_strength_6

Name the Task, press "+" and select "Plugin".

uccw_singal_strength_7 uccw_singal_strength_8

Press "UCCW". I didn’t find an option to change the language of UCCW back to English so “Variablenname” is “variable name” and “Variablenwert” is “variable value”. Name your variable (I used %signal out of habit, in UCCW you can just call it signal) and put in %CELLSIG as value! Check the box and save. Confirm and go back to the Profiles screen.

uccw_singal_strength_9 uccw_singal_strength_10

You are already done with Tasker. Way easier than my last guide.

UCCW Setup

Add Tasker Variable to the items. Choose the variable, go to Controls #4 and press “Variable”. Insert your UCCW variable name and you are done.

Now you can play with UCCW and put this variable next to icons etc.

Note: I didn’t find a way to transfer this variables into pictures in UCCW. Maybe somebody can help?

BIG NOTE: Sorry for the too long last guide! Still this could be very battery consuming! I didn’t test it!

For UCCW skins to use with your new signal strength meter go to [UCCW][THEME][WIDGET] UCCW 2.0 skins and themes at xda-developers.

For more interesting Tasker stuff check Content portal for Pocketables Tasker articles over at Pocketables.

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