Ingress automation sidebar for easy accessIngress automation sidebar for easy access


After prior establishing how to make Tasker Tasks that automate Ingress drop and recycle functions, now is the time to make this easy accessible form the Ingress App with an Ingress automation sidebar.

What I want is that if I make a prior defined swipe gesture a menu pops up and gives me the possibility to choose from my automation Tasks. There are some apps that can accomplish this. The easiest way is Swapps, the more optimized way is a Tasker Scene Sidebar (like this) controlled with LMT Launcher. Because this guide should be easy I will use Swapps.

Swapps Setup

Install Swapps from the Play Store and open it. You can unlock the Pro features, but you don't have to. Configure it to your needs, I use it on the left side with 6 Favourites-Apps and no recent or all apps. You can do what ever you like here, but there should be enough place for your automation Tasks.

Now close the configuration and swipe to open your Swapps sidebar. Press "Add App", then "Shortcut" and "Task Shortcut".

ingress_autmation_sidebar_1 ingress_autmation_sidebar_2

Now choose your desired Task and before confirming you have to choose an icon for your Task. You can do that by pressing on the icon at the bottom left side. A menu will open that gives you several choices. I went with the "Built-In Icons".

ingress_autmation_sidebar_4After adding all your automation Tasks to your sidebar, opening Ingress and doing your swipe it should like somehow like this. You can see your Ingress automation sidebar as an overlay in Ingress. As you can see, I have chosen 6 Tasks to make my life easier. You can add as many as you want. Tap on a Task to try out the functionality.

At the end I want to say that I think this an automation way that doesn't violate the Ingress ToS because you still have to choose the items manually and they are dropped or recycled slower than manually. This method still needs your attention, but you don't have to press that many buttons.

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