Show cell signal strength in UCCW with Tasker variablesShow cell signal strength in UCCW with Tasker variables

Some users were asking for a possibility to display cell signal strength in UCCW. UCCW alone is not capable to do that, we need Tasker again (like in this guide for notifications display). I will show one possibility to accomplish that.


Tasker Setup

This will need several Profiles, I would recommend to make a new Project so it doesn't mess up your system. Long press on the Project Tab and press "Add". Name it and confirm.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_1 uccw_singal_strength_variables_2

You will have to use the built-in Variable %CELLSIG which is dynamic and the Tasker userguide says:

The current phone signal level from 0-8 inclusive on a rougly linear scale. On some CDMA phones, the level will rise in steps of 2 (0,2,4,6,8). The value is -1 if the value is unknown or there is e.g. no service. There is a bug with some Android versions that the reported signal strength is not updated until the device is turned off and on.

Note: You will have to create a profil for each state of %CELLSIG! I will start with "-1"

Create a Profile, then go to "State" and "Variables".

uccw_singal_strength_variables_3 uccw_singal_strength_variables_4

Press "Variable Value" and then the sign next to name.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_5 uccw_singal_strength_variables_6

Press "Cell Signal Strength" and choose "Matches" as Op.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_7 uccw_singal_strength_variables_8

Now you have to define the value. Put in "-1". Confirm and you are now asked to assign a task to the context. Press "New Task".

uccw_singal_strength_variables_9 uccw_singal_strength_variables_10

Now you can name the task, i chose "Cell-1", confirm an press "+". Press "Variables".

uccw_singal_strength_variables_11 uccw_singal_strength_variables_12

Now press "Variable Set" and now you have to choose a variable. I called it "%signal" because it doesn't have to be a global variable.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_13 uccw_singal_strength_variables_14

Now you can assign a value, this value will be displayed in UCCW later! In our case "-1" means no signal so you could take "0", too. Confirm and press "+".

uccw_singal_strength_variables_15 uccw_singal_strength_variables_16

Press "Plugin" and then "UCCW". Press "Edit" in the next screen.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_17 uccw_singal_strength_variables_18

I didn't find an option to change the language of UCCW back to English so "Variablenname" is "variable name" and "Variablenwert" is "variable value". Name your variable (I used %signal out of habit, in UCCW you can just call it signal) and put in you Tasker variable as the value! Check the box and save. Confirm and go back to the Profiles screen.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_19 uccw_singal_strength_variables_20

Now you have a profile that notifies UCCW when your signal strength is "-1".

You have to create the same profiles and tasks for each state of %CELLSIG! Afterwards your Profiles and Tasks screen should look like that:

uccw_singal_strength_variables_21 uccw_singal_strength_variables_22

You are finished with the Tasker configuration but I would advice you to hide this profiles from the Notification Bar! To do so press and hold on each profile, press settings and uncheck the "Show in Notification Pulldown" box.

uccw_singal_strength_variables_23 uccw_singal_strength_variables_24

UCCW Setup

Add Tasker Variable to the items. Choose the variable, go to Controls #4 and press “Variable”. Insert your UCCW variable name and you are done.

Now you can play with UCCW and put this variable next to icons etc.

Note: I didn't find a way to transfer this variables into pictures in UCCW. Maybe somebody can help?

BIG NOTE: This is the best way that I could figure out to do this. %CELLSIG is always monitored by Tasker but I didn't find an other way than this big amount of profiles to transfer the changes to UCCW. This could be very battery consuming. I didn't test it! An other way would have been to create just one task, that transfers this variable and to trigger it every few seconds. I think this would have been even more battery consuming.

I don't know if this is really suitable for daily use!

For UCCW skins to use with your new signal strength meter go to [UCCW][THEME][WIDGET] UCCW 2.0 skins and themes at xda-developers.

For more interesting Tasker stuff check Content portal for Pocketables Tasker articles over at Pocketables.

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